Moscow region, Istra district
    private residential house
    Area 490 sq.m
    Monolithic reinforced concrete
    Wide-format ceramic granite - laminam
    Wood composite - Millboard Terrazzo
The project is formed on the basis of the Eastern philosophy concept and psychotypic portrait of the client's personality. The focus is defined in three levels - the creator, the introvert and the intuit - which are revealed in architectural solutions. The creator tends to generate, to express inner strength through the creation of what is found within an idea. Likewise, the Japanese symbolism called wabi reveals inner beauty and nobility as opposed to external refinement. Value is what lies beneath the surface. This is the fulcrum on which the aesthetics of the building is based, i.e. strict geometry, simplicity in volumes and elegant lines. All the beauty is revealed in the construction of meaningful spaces and the connection with nature. The inner strength of the building spaces merges with the landscape via the through-view axes of the living room, parking lot, and meditation terrace, which blurs the boundaries between the environment and the house. All this creates a wholesome complex where not only building spaces function, but also the voids, the spaces formed between the building parts. These voids become volume.
The project involves Japanese architectural techniques.Yugen is an aesthetic category, unknowability, mystery and darkness, but darkness represents itself as a certain peace in which an idea, a thought, a creative impulse is born. In architecture, this aspect is expressed by layout solutions and the logic of elongated enfilade spaces with windows, the rhythm of which sets the dynamics of the game of light and shadow depending on the movement of the sun.
Yugen is the presence of elegance, tranquillity and depth. Following this trajectory, areas gradually open up in the project, each of which has its own core, center, meaning and condition. The whole facility is seen as a complete picture. It is experienced at an intuitive level. An introverted entrance, referring to Japanese Torii gates, is followed by a "Enso" ring, formed by a artificial reservoir with a solid water effect. Then there is a sculptural composition with a campfire area, a stone garden, a round window with a dynamic natural landscape, a patio with an eternal tree, symbolizing the cycles of life. Thus, the project has created its own symbolic language, its own hieroglyph, which became the basis for the building plan geometry. Two lines, between which a circle rests, is seclusion, and the circle itself reflects light, the birth in the shadow of consciousness. Energy is born in peace, beauty - in the combination of light and shadow, depth - in the details.
Creative team
Head — Stanislav Nikolaev

Stanislav Nikolaev

Igor Vasilyev