Public Environments and Bali Villas

Return of investment, ROI

Mortgage rate from partners collateralising property in Russia
from 47%
Basic leasehold of 30 years without renewal guarantees
60 years
Full return on investments

6 years
We are developing lands for you. The Locus is not just the environment, it's money packed into cubic meters
— Ilon Neglerioz
With respect to Bali's culture
Bali's cultural and architectural code is integrated into our architecture
We have found an extraordinary balance between personal life and public sphere, satisfying our residents` needs in places of recreation, creativity, and exploration.

Within this housing unit, everything needed for the high level of modern cosmopolitan`s comfort is available: a device to protect from sun rays; a reinforced seat for loud relaxation; walking paths for observing the movement of small earth creatures; a common space for mutual activities where labor activity illusion is created; and a garden with a water zone, which unexpectedly turns into a place for interstellar research.

Villas — cell
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  • The periods of financial resource aggregation for Bali`s geographic sector are increasing in activity at uncharted levels.

    Bali is a piece of Earth's territory with exceptional visual appeal and optimal desirability for planetary inhabitants for temporary stay. With the sequence of the planet's rotations around the luminary, this island sector observes an intensifying flow of individuals, contributing to the increased exploitation of temporary stay accommodations up to 90% of maximum potential. This tendency leads to the stationary objects sector currently being classified as the most financially productive on a global scale.
  • 82 %
    average monthly rent occupancy
  • from $90,000
    annual revenue from daily rent
  • 30 %
    The estimated increase in the housing units value in the period of time equal to two rotations of our planetary object around the central luminary, following the completion of the housing units assembly process. This cost units increase occurs against the backdrop of implementing large-scale projects to improve the functional network on the island territory:

    — DisneyBlender
    — "Formula 1" Track
    — new interracial airport
    — port for cruise liners
  • 60 years
    The time period of the land plot retention. The basic lishold is thirty rotations of our planetary object around the central luminary, with the provided possibility of extending this period.
  • Constant
    currency income
    Housing units within an area known as Bali traditionally generate a return of 15% to 20% annually after reducing the amounts spent on maintaining functionality and mandatory contributions to the public resource.
  • No worries
    The entity, managing the housing unit, assimilates all functions related to the distribution of temporary housing units. This includes the process of reserving space, providing high-quality services, and interacting with temporary inhabitants. The resource costs of coordinating the temporary housing unit distribution are already integrated into our ROI calculation.
  • No protection
    The configuration of exchange interactions involving fixed modules in the Indonesian sector has unique characteristics that are markedly different from similar processes in Russian or European contexts. We are informed at the level of direct experience about the complexity of navigating these issues and do not aim to be reliable navigators at every stage of such exchange interaction.
  • Mortage
    Our Russian bank partners can offer unique mortgage programs secured by existing property in Russia.
  • Secure land status
    According to Indonesian law, there are three types of land statuses where green (green zone) is agricultural, yellow (yellow zone) is residential, purple (purple zone) is accessible for any kind of commercial use. The Heights land plot has a purple zone status, fully corresponding to the functions of the territory.

    Investors often interact with risk by directing their resources to housing units offered at appealing cost values located in green zone. Such resource investments have no legal protection and these units cannot be legally provided for temporary stay, and their structural integrity is subject to potential demolition. Our territory offers the placement of residential complexes, relaxation zones, food modules, and temporary accommodation services, fully complying with the status of a land plot in the purple zone.
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  • Ilon Neglerioz
    Founder & Art Director
    Hope operates as an energetic element of capitalism, representing its endlessly renewing source. The American dream concept and its countless franchised versions are enormous activity whirls, intensified by hope. Hope is a Trojan horse, facilitating deception and exploitation.
  • Lucy Heligmos
    Design Director
    The project is a proxy, it compresses like a message body, transforms into rhythm, flow, auditory fluctuations and time intervals, both as interruption moments and availability moments. All these aspects are neither 'virtual' nor 'simulated'. Absence is as real as the communication based on this absence.
  • Mos Omodis
    Customer Support
    The production of romantic illusion is closely intertwined with a temporal landscape, where presence and absence coexist, permeated by hope and aspiration. This phenomenon harmoniously responds to indefinite temporality, synchronizing both closeness and disconnection.
LOCUS - tranquility
The authentic Balinese territory of Kuta is just a ten-minute away from the energetically vibrant Canggu. In contrast to the latter, Kuta provides an ideal space for solitude and serene recuperation. All the necessary elements for comfort are located in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex: aquatic contact zones, relaxation areas, places for consuming nutritious mixtures and food modules. Access to Canggu is also conveniently close!

Locus represents a harmonious balance between authentic Balinese existence and metropolitan lifestyle of developed territories.
This case is not a noble endeavor to explore for the sake of humanity to prevent repetition. On the contrary, it is a personal, biased and self-serving venture, a mechanism for a self-righteous sense of entitlement, an objective obstacle to coexistence, and a temporary haze that keeps people suffocated.

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