Dear John and Zarina

for your attention commercial proposal
for architectural design "concept stage"
Create an architectural concept for a private residential complex consisting of several buildings. Take into account the landscape features, advantages and specific characteristics of the site.

To form architecture in a modern stylistic direction, with conceptual meaning and sacred philosophy.

Approximate area:

House + studio - 325sq.m (3500sq.ft);
Guest House - 80-100sq.m (861-1076sq.ft);
Temple with a parish structure - 200sq.m (2152sq.ft);
Dry bath - 20-40sq.m (215 - 430sq.ft).
Composition and cost of work
The concept of architectural solutions
sq.mThe concept is being developed in order to define the philosophy and architectural and stylistic image of buildings and form the layout of the territory.

1. Architectural analysis of the site with its potential for the implementation of the concept, study of the conditions of the area, landscape, access roads;
2. Selection of analogues of architectural solutions, organization of territories and landscaping;
3. Explanatory note describing the concept, applied solutions, materials, schemes for constructing an architectural concept;
4. Site improvement scheme | General plan scheme;
5. Planning solutions, furniture arrangement scheme;
6. Sketches of the building made by hand. 2 architecture options per building;
7. Facade scheme of the selected option;
8. Section diagram of the selected option;
9. 3D Visualizations of the selected architecture option - at least 15 pieces;

Cost -
Total: 645sq.m (6942.72sq.ft)
The term of execution is 58 working days.

* The offer is valid within a month from the date of submission.

Date 2021.04.29
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